Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rejuvenates Marth’s 18-year-old journey with tactical dexterity and finesse.

fire emblem shadow dragon review

I don’t own fire emblem shadow dragon it’s owned by nintendo

FIRE EMBLEM 1: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light Retrospective – ShaneBrained

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Chapter List:
0. Title 0:00
I. An Introduction (Intro) 0:12
II. The Roots of Fire Emblem (Development) 1:52
III. The War of Darkness (Story Synopsis & Analysis) 3:45
IV. Mechanics and Missteps (Gameplay Analysis 1) 12:10
V. The Tedium of Battle (Gameplay Analysis 2) 18:27
VI. A Complicated Conclusion (Conclusion) 22:34

This video is a deep look at the very first game in this series, Fire Emblem 1: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light. In this video I look at the history the game, along with the successes and faults of the story and gameplay. I also give a very detailed plot summary.

This video is the first in a series of retrospectives I will be doing on the series throughout the year. As I write this, I am already scripting and getting ready for the video on the next game, but the rest of the videos will come out more scattered throughout the year.

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Classic Review – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

In this review, I take a look back at the debut title in the Fire Emblem series, which came out 30 years ago as of April 2020.

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