Star Trek: Klingon Academy

It’s an extremely ambitious simulation that provides plenty of original gameplay but fails to adequately refine its presentation.

Let’s Play: Star Trek Klingon Academy – 7 Genesis

Torlek, I will race you to the Terran homeworld! Last one there must initiate a mating ritual with K’porak! Knowing you, I am certain you will father many girls! HA!

I have a fix on the Federation cruiser… Sir! It is the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Введение в клингонскую академию (римейк)

Good Evening ladies and gents. Here is my remake of the Klingon Academy intro. I was going to make updated versions of the 3 companies shown in the beginning. But instead, I created 3 fake company intros: United Federation of Planets, Warp Speed Productions, and Mark 2-1-5 (seeing nearly every location in Star Trek is Bearing “pick any number”, Mark 215 lol). This is the first time I’ve animated a fleet together. I might remake this remake one day in the future. I hope you guys loved Klingon Academy as much as I did. Would be nice if there was a Klingon Academy 2 featuring Martok. But…one can dream. As always…enjoy 🙂

Original Klingon Academy Intro:

Based on Klingon Academy by 14 Degrees East and Interplay Entertainment.



Deviant Art:

CG Trader:

Lets Play – Star Trek: Klingon Academy (Deutsch) [Teil 1]

Willkommen zu einem neuen Star Trek-LP. Heute starten wir unsere Ausbildung als Elitekommandant im Klingonischen Reich, unter der Aufsicht von General Chang. Zu beginn, machen wir uns mit dem Simulator vertraut.

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