Resident Evil composer admits he is not fully deaf, Capcom "truly surprised"


Resident Evil composer admits he is not fully deaf, Capcom "truly surprised"

"Japanese Beethoven" Mamoru Samuragochi’s recent revelations came as a shock to Capcom, but publisher won’t take any action because the soundtracks aren’t available anymore.

Composer apologises after revelations his compositions were ghostwritten

(7 Mar 2014) The man once lauded as “Japan’s Beethoven,” apologised on Friday during his first media appearance since it was revealed, last month, his famed musical compositions were written by a ghostwriter and he wasn’t completely deaf.
Mamoru Samuragochi appeared clean-shaven and without his trademark sunglasses and long hair, bowed, and apologised.
“I am extremely sorry to have caused such tremendous trouble,” he said.
He also announced that the media appearance would be his last on television.
Samuragochi acknowledged he had worked with his collaborator Takashi Niigaki in secret for 18 years.
Niigaki recently told a tabloid magazine he was the ghostwriter behind the works, including the “Hiroshima” symphony.
Samuragochi said over the last three years, his hearing had been slowly recovering, but denied he was posturing as deaf, and said he still had hearing problems.
The disclosure that Samuragochi might have been an impostor has been major news in Japan after he had been featured in mainstream Japanese TV shows, and one of his pieces had been used by Olympic figure-skater Daisuke Takahashi at the Sochi games.
Samuragochi had been celebrated as overcoming severe hearing disabilities to compose and arrange the classical works.
The 50-year-old said he still has problems hearing certain words and needs a sign language interpreter during media interviews.
CD sales of music credited to him have surged since the scandal broke.

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Case: Fake Music

Samuragochi, a celebrated Japanese composer, conducted orchestras playing real music that he faked having written. At the Super Bowl halftime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers faked playing music that they really had written. Are any listeners defrauded?

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