Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Review

Whether you play it alone or with friends, this uninspired update to the ’80s swords-and-sorcery arcade dungeon crawl misses the mark with its boring, mindless action and short, forgettable quest.

XBOX Же #2 – Gauntlet Seven Sorrows – Активный махач

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Classic Game Room – GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY for Nintendo Gamecube review

Classic Game Room reviews GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY for Nintendo Gamecube from Midway, also available on Playstation 2 PS2 an original Xbox (played for this review using a Nintendo Wii with Gamecube controller). This CGR review of Gauntlet Dark Legacy has Gauntlet Dark Legacy game play from Nintendo Gamecube showing Gauntlet game play in HD action. Step into the world of legend of Zelda free: Play Online Now.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for Xbox Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for Xbox.

Developed and published by Midway Games, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy was released for Xbox in April, 2002. Dark Legacy is an expanded version of Gauntlet Legends that’s easy to pick up and play and is best enjoyed with friends.

Check out our written review:


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